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There are many ways that individuals can help: Online Donations Secure with Paypal to Help Homeless Dogs & Puppies, Online Donations Secure with Paypal to Help Homeless Cats & Kittens

Why Should I Donate?

Luce County dogs and cats need your help now, more than ever before!  On Nov 5, 2008, the Luce County Animal Shelter closed its doors.  In the absence of an animal shelter it is even more critical that we reduce the number of homeless litters!  There have already been inquiries regarding what to do with litters of puppies and kittens and reports of animals running at large.  Pet Pals is working very hard to improve the lives of homeless animals and pets in need.  In addition to the closing of the Luce County Animal Shelter, area shelters are reporting an increase of pet abandonment due to the economy - click to read.
Please Donate to the Luce County Pet Pals.  Your help will give us the necessary funds to help improve the lives of homeless animals and pets in need.  Philanthropy on any level brings hope to communities.

Make a Donation

To give to the Pet Pals by credit card, please click the donation button of your choice in the left menu.  
You will be able to choose: spay/neuter fund, new shelter building fund or the homeless pets fund.  Your contribution will help so many animals in need.  We thank everyone that can donate to one of our three funds, give of your time or skills.

We raise money for:


Financial assistance for spay/neuter surgeries.

Construction of a safe and humane animal shelter for our area as Luce County does not have an animal shelter


Care of homeless animals.        

Please make sure to Spay / Neuter your pet.  This helps in many ways.  Donations to the Luce County Pet Pals are much needed to bring hope to these poor animals.

How we can help:


Spay/neuter financial assistance for dogs

We can help with the cost of spay or neuter surgery
for your dog. Pet Pals has a grant which enables us to offer whatever financial assistance the dog owner requires to spay or neuter their companion dog.  To print a copy of the PDF application for spay/neuter financial assistance for your dog(s), onto the link provided in the left menu under "Spay and Neuter Assistance".  For more information call Bonnie at (906) 293 3310 or Geri at (906) 322 0109.




Area Shelters Report an Increase in Pet Abandonment Due to the Economy. 

Many area shelters are receiving surrendered animals from people who are finding it difficult to keep them in these tough economic times. Lost employment, unexpected vehicle or medical expenses can make it stressful or even impossible to make ends meet. As the economy continues to deteriorate the number of surrendered animals grows. Sad as it is true, animals are sometimes the first to suffer in these hard times. This in mind, pet abandonment is never an option.

In some cases these animals are being abandoned in remote areas or are left in vacated homes or apartments. Pets are domesticated animals that have great difficulty fending for themselves. If released outside they will have problems finding food and water. They will feel cold, discomfort, loneliness, hunger and pain. Abandoned pets may be attacked by other animals, hit by vehicles or contract diseases. Pets abandoned in an apartment or home suffer greatly when any food or water left for them runs out and become very stressed when no one comes for them. It should never be counted on that someone will find and care for an abandoned pet. Without question, abandonment is cruel and inhumane.

Individuals and families who can no longer afford to keep their pet must find a place where their animal will receive the care it needs. Options include but are not limited to: entrusting a family member or friend with the care of the pet until the financial situation stabilizes OR the pet can be surrendered to a humane organization which will not only care for the animal but will also find a good home for the animal to be placed in.

Pets bring so much to our lives and those of our loved ones. It is our end of the bargain to humanely care for their well being.


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